Fall ’16 things to do before class 6 (Oct. 17)

Hello everyone,

First of all, I hope you all enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. 

I’ve posted the work that needs to be done at the bottom of the Google exercise starting with number 19: Google Scavenger Hunt 

I did it this way so everybody is up to date with the labs. Journal 5 is due before Oct. 17, of course you can submit earlier. Main thing is to do the readings, look at the wiki, play with Weekly. As well, there’s a video you ALL MUST watch BEFORE class. The link is on the Google syllabus ~ it’s about 55 minutes and it’s a presentation on gaming in the education. Group leaders please make sure you include 2 or 3 questions on the video for your group discussion.

Don’t forget your 3 to 5 tweets a week on tech related stuff either in your field of study and/or tech and education.

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