F16 Things to do before class 5 (Oct. 3)

Here’s things to do before Monday night:

  • All mini-quiz 1 marks are up. I came up with the mark by basically counting the first 10 questions ( I didn't count the textbook and the stress question). This gave you a mark of for example 6 on 10 or 8 on 10 etc.. Then I looked at the two short answer questions. If you got them correct you got either a .5 or 1. This then brought your mark up -- for example the 6 on 10 became a 7 on 10 and the 8 on 10 became a 9 on 10.
  • Please create a Weebly (or Wix or any other platform) website. Play with it for an hour or so during the week. Create a:
    • Welcome Page. For now, this is a blank page where you say "Hello and Welcome" . Weebly automatically creates this once you pick your template.
    • About Me Page. Go to the PAGE menu command and add a page —> name it About Me
    • Use this as an example: to give you ideas about what to include.
    • You can come up with your own but I want to see a pic or two. And several URL's linking to other thing
    • DO NOT do the Favourites page ~ I will continue that in class next week. We will find a new room if we have too.
    • Think about your main web site assignment ~ due week 7 (has to be 75-80% completed.
    • Make sure you tweet out 3 to 5 tweets ~ they should focus around technology if possible. Use #edpt200 hashtag.
    • For your journal make sure you reference the textbook, the textbook wiki, the articles (especially the Alan November article), what we did in class, etc. etc. I will upload the journal #3 marks on Saturday. They are getting better and better.
    • If you are a group leader make sure you have 1 or 2 questions on the readings, the articles, the class activities, and anything else that you want to talk about

Stuff to do before Sept. 26

Please note the following things to do for next week:

*** just added powerpoints for chap 2 & 8 at the bottom of the notes for class 3. I also put the link to a super easy mini practice test.

  • Please do not start the websites at home. I decided we will do this together next week in class. Use the time gained to prep for your mini test, readings, and journal 3 blog.
  • Twitter —> send 3 to 5 tweets this week using the #edpt200 hashtag.
  • Week 4 group leaders make sure you post the week 4 questions in your mini-circles by Friday/Saturday at the lastest. The questions should cover the text, the articles, you may also have a ques on the class activites or videos. *** ALL week 4 group leaders make sure you include a question on the “couch potato and hitch hiker article” from last week’s readings ~ not sure everyone read it.
  • Please make sure you reading everything assigned on the syllabus. 
  • Alan November article please read half this week and the other half the following week.
  • Make sure you click on  the journal 2, the poll, and journal 3 links are listed at the top of the page.
  • Upload the Inspiration assignment using the Google Submission form.
  • I corrected the syllabus (I moved About Me lab to week 4 instead of week 3 & Favourites Lab to week 5)
  • Any questions please email me or use the chat feature MightyBell.

Be sure to check out this week’s notes on Google version of syllabus. Great job note takers !!

Fall ’16 ~ things to do before class 3 (Sept. 19)

Hello everyone,

Last class was a amazing and it was nice meeting all 75 of you!. 

  • Please make sure you create a Twitter account and download Inspiration BEFORE Monday night. I gave the URL was listed in last week’s blog.
  •  Make sure you complete Journal number 2 and post your reflections here: Make sure you reference the readings, the group discussions, the Twitter activity. Tell me what you think about all this & not what you think I want to hear.
  • I assume you’ve created a Mightybell account and have already posted your week 1 BIO.
  • You have bought or rented the textbook.
  • Make sure to read chap. 2 & the articles as posted on the syllabus. Be prepared to discuss both in class and in your group. This is critical.
  • I will post the questions to be discussed on Monday night by the end of this week. Here’s the group names & link to your private Mightybell Circle. Make sure you join the discussion group you belong too, as that’s where the questions will be posted. Once you have joined I will change the settings to private (i.e. only the members of your group can post questions) and you may chat in the mini-group as well.
  • If you missed 1 or 2 classes be sure to email me if you have any questions. You really can’t afford to miss anymore!

Sam :)

F16: Things to do before class 2 (Sept. 12)

Our second class takes place on Sept. 12 at 6:05 in Room 627. 

Please note the following:

  • Those of you that attended yesterday's class a 'big' thank you. You will get to leave at 8:10 on Sept 12 so I can go over the course goals, expectations and syllabus. Basically this is what I went over with you yesterday.
  • Here's what EVERYONE needs to do before class 2. Go to the bookstore on Park Avenue and buy either the loose-leaf version of the course textbook or the course access card. You may also rent the course textbook. Info on this is found on the course website:
  • Bring the textbook (if you bought the loose-leaf version) or make sure you access to chap 1 for the beginning of class. 
  • Make sure you have read (and are prepared to discuss) chapter 1 & the Prensky article. Ive linked chap. 1 of textbook due to mix-up in bookstore. Loose-leaf version of textbook is now in. To purchase the access card for the electronic version of the text simply go to the cash & purchase the access code. Use the code to access the Maloy text.
  • Read chap. 1 &  the Prensky article before class come prepated to discuss and contribute to the group. The link to Prensky is also found on the course syllabus:
  • Join Mightybell ‘F16 class and POST your mini bio here: Once you have joined and are on the page click on the     command. Here’s screenshot of where you are posting on Mightybell:

  • Join and be sure to post your mini by Sunday night (Sept. 11) at the latest. I've given you suggested on what to include.
  • Download Inspiration (link also provided on course syllabus) before class ~ so we don't slow down the network with everyone downloading the program in class.

Try to not miss class 2 especially if you missed the 1st class. If you have any questions, please email me.

See you on the 12th !!! 


© Sam Bruzzese 2018