Final Project Report (20%)

For your final project you will create a 3 to 4 minute video that will be uploaded to YouTube. Details to follow… here’s the rubric that will be used for  the evaluation.

In addition ~ to the presentation of the digital storytelling project itself, each student is also expected to submit a final project report (Journal # 14 post in Mightybell ~ title —> Final Project) that describes work on the project. The report should address each of the following items:

1. What was the main topic of your project?

2. What were the major objectives of the project?

3. Why did you select this topic and who do you think would be interested in viewing it? 

4. Please include a description of the images/video you took with a digital camera and the images that you modified with image editing software that were included in the final project.

5. Describe if and how this project might be used in a formal or an informal educational setting.

6. Describe the process you went through in completing the final project. This should include a list of all of the software programs you used, where the content for the project came from, what items in the project changed from the early stages of selecting the topic through completion, plus any other information that describes your work on the project. 

7. Describe the major challenges you faced in creating this project and if and how you overcame them.

8. Discuss the most significant things you learned from completing the final project.

9. Please add any other information you feel should be included in the report.

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