Website: Digital Identity & Portfolio (20%)

As of Spring 2015 semester we are using Google sites as well as Blogger in addition to Weebly or Yola or Wix to create our websites. 

Here's the sample Weebly site with instructions.

Please look at previous student work for inspiration. Here’s non education examples:

Choosing to develop an educational website that makes sense in light of your own career situation and goals, is challenging (a bit of a stretch is expected), but not something that will kill you. ;-).

Make sure it's portfolio quality... something you'll want to use and show to others! I recommend that you build a site where existing content exists.
There may be places in your website where you want to develop something but do not have the skills to do so yet. Please play and practice ~ have fun. A rubric will be given for you to evaluate the site.

This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade and should be about 75% complete by week 7 or 8 of the course. 

You will be allowed to continue working on the site right up to Dec. 12 at which point I will give you a final grade.

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